Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Some questions need answers

Some questions need answers

Betty wasn't sure she had a good answer for Gordy. She didn't expect him to show up so late. Although, it wasn't that late. The 10 p.m news wasn't on yet, but she was watching the Fox news in the kitchen while she was soaking raisins in rum for her humming bird cake. Naturally, she'd filled a little rum in a coffee cup, too.

She couldn't help but giggle when she saw him at the kitchen table.

"What?" He looked at her as if this was no laughing matter.

"Oh, I dunno, do you have some good news?" She offered him some Christmas cookies, but he said he was fine.

"Not really." He was straight lipped. She thought for a second he should work at the local Parrish.

"Oh, what's up?" She did her best not to mention Tiffany, but she guessed it was about her.

"I dunno. Maybe..maybe..its just me." He told her then he'd been engaged several times over the years, but it never happened. One girl left him at the alter, another decided to join the Navy. Usually, the engagement was called off because they always found someone else, more interesting. But this was different. No one had ever asked to marry him.

"Tiffany?" Betty tried not to look directly at him. Maybe it was because she was about to laugh. She shook her head, no. She couldn't believe it.

"What did you do to her?" She found herself asking, as if it was really just something to say to make conversation.

"Nothing." He shrugged.

"Not a thing." She shook her head, no.

"I might have held her hand and held her, you know..when..when..this all happened with Brick..but..but that was it." He made it sound, it was nothing to get too excited about.

"I doubt she's ever had that." Tears almost surfaced. "She needs someone like you. I just don't know if..if you need someone like her."

"If..if I could just..just get her and Brick, together." He was almost in tears, too. "Then..then they really wouldn't need me."

"Yes, they would need you." She told him. "They need you. We all need you." Betty finally said, she wished she had met somebody like him when she was younger. She might still be married. And everything might be different. She hoped.

"You, might still meet, somebody like me." Gordy almost smirked.

"Lets don't worry about that, right now. I do want you to be happy." She gave him a hug. "Lets see what Tiffany will do, if you say yes."

Betty hoped the new year would be a good one. Especially, for Gordy, Tiffany and Brick.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope 2017 proves to be a wonderful year for them all!


Launna said...

I really hope things get a bit better for them in the new year... every one has a lot going on...