Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

The coffee awoke Joey. It smelled perfect.

He got dressed in the dark and stumbled slightly. He closed his bedroom door, ever so carefully.

Joey was certain Dakota was waiting for him. Of course, Santa had made a visit. Only a few of the presents were from him. Most of it was Ducky and Xander's giving. Ducky's mother doted on Dakota, as well.

He really felt he'd let them all down. After all, he was just a shelver at the library. But there were sweet rolls and coffee waiting in the kitchen on Christmas morning.

"You, could have slept in." Xander told him. It was barely daylight, yet going on 8 a.m.

"Are you kidding me." Joey cracked a smile. "Its Christmas." He got himself some coffee. Of course, he was laughing on the inside.

It was truly Christmas..and..and he'd made up with someone.

He was thankful, someone came back to him. Joey finally admitted his true feelings.

Now was the tricky part.

How was he going to get through Christmas morning?

At least, she might sleep in. Maybe.

Soon Dakota found him. She was so happy and pulled him to the livingroom. Couldn't they open Christmas presents?

"You, best ask your Uncle Xander and Uncle Ducky about that." He pointed to the juice and yogurt they had waiting for her at the dining table. If she was good, she might get some pieces of sweet roll. Ducky was in the kitchen scrambling some eggs.

Finally, everyone got to the Christmas tree. Of course, Jamie was no where around, but they weren't waiting for him.

Joey knew he shouldn't be such a kid about this, but it was Christmas, and he really didn't have time to explain anything. This was Dakota's day.

He wanted to watch her open all her presents. After all, he felt as if he'd already had Christmas.

Still, when Corina showed up in just his flannel shirt on the stairway. Oh, he didn't know it he could say it loud enough.

"Merry Christmas!"

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Launna said...

I like how happy Joey is... it sounds like a nice Christmas...