Saturday, January 14, 2017

across the galaxy

across the galaxy

Xander finally got around to seeing his Dad and step-mother on New Years. Actually, it was New Years day.

He knew he'd put it off... far too long. After all, it had been awhile since he'd seen his brother Simon. Of course, he'd gotten off work from the fire station and went straight there, for brunch. Perhaps, he would have felt better if Ducky went with him, but he'd gone to work.

Lord knows, what might be going on with Joey who had taken up with Corina. He promised, Corina would only be there during winter break. She still lived at the dorm. Xander did his best not to stress about it.

As it was his family seemed to be in good spirits, but it wasn't until he got there that he met the house guest, Sid. His mother's little brother (who was about 8 years older than Xander) showed up out the blue.

Xander was a little annoyed that no one had called him, before now.

"He wanted to meet you." His father said with a sly grin.

Xander only winced. This was the first he'd heard of any relative of his real mother's. Suddenly, he felt uneasy, but Sid was so laid back and easy to talk too. His handshake was firm, and he hugged Xander as if she was a long lost brother.

What in the world would he ever want with him?

After brunch, Xander sat down with him, feeling he was neglecting his little brother Simon. Xander hadn't a clue if Simon was still dating the girl he met over the summer.

"I didn't know my sister all that well, either. I'm the baby, of the family." Sid kept staring at Xander. "She was pretty wild." He grinned. "But we all were." There was a bit of a laugh in Sid's voice that irritated Xander a bit. Still he handed over a book of photos from Sid's older sister. "Joline wanted you to have this. She couldn't make it, she's a police,  and well, she's always on duty." Sid told him that she wanted to talk to him, some time soon.

It was good to have pictures of his mother. Still, Xander felt he was starting over, again.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Xander wouldn't feel so alone. :/


Launna said...

I am glad Xander has the pictures... I hope he keeps trying to connect ...