Friday, January 13, 2017

catching up

Catching up

Omaha finally got a hold of Minnie. Of course, it didn't change anything. She wasn't going back to Blackie.

He'd wanted to bring her down with skipping from one boyfriend to another, but then he realized it was all made up in his head. Maybe she was a better person than he wanted to give her credit for. But he wished Blackie wouldn't be so cold.

There was a time, Omaha thought maybe Blackie wouldn't come back from the deer hunting trip since he wouldn't take any of his calls. Finally, Blackie picked up. He was back at work and bluntly told Omaha to leave him alone.

So Omaha did what he knew best, he hung out with Gage at the deli.

"What happened to you?" He wanted to know about his black eye.

"Just the holidays." Gage said it looked worse, than it actually was. He'd gotten in a fight with his brother. "Christmas wrestling."

"Oh really, we don't do stuff like that in my family." Omaha admitted.

"Well, its something new, evidently." Gage shrugged, Carson didn't know what he was doing. He'd not eaten anything all day and got drink quickly on Easy's Jim Bean and soda pop.

Omaha nodded as if he could see it happening.

"Is everything else, OK?" Omaha didn't mean to ask about his significant other. Actually, they'd never met, but he knew Halie stressed Gage a whole lot more than he'd ever say.

"Guess." Gage nodded as he went to make Omaha a roast beef sandwich. "Don't guess you're getting married anytime soon."

Omaha only smiled. "But you know, Taylor's married now."

"Taylor?" Gage didn't remember him.

Omaha felt a little bad that his old friend didn't know his roommate.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Omaha will catch Gage up to speed soon enough. :)


Launna said...

Gage doesn't have the best memory... I am sure Omaha will help him with that...