Tuesday, January 17, 2017

at the party

at the party

Howie felt like an idiot. What else was he going to do? Be at best,, a fanboy?

It was all a little crazy. This was not really his crowd, but he was thankful that Freddie made him feel so welcomed to the party, among all the shaggy musicians.

They'd loaded down earlier with sandwiches and veggies. Then came the candy, homemade chocolate covered cherries and chocolate covered coconut balls. Someone was really feeding them well.

After Howie breezed by Keith. He felt as if the universe was passing him by, but the girl from the coffee shop showed up with a tray of more homemade goodies. This time peanut-butter balls dipped in dark chocolate.

"Did you make these?" It was the simplest of questions.

She nodded.

"Wow. Amazing." He wanted to tell her she was in the wrong business, but evidently a receptionist here, had to be a jack of all trades. She told him she was Gabby, and she remembered him from the coffee shop.

"So what time will you get to go home, tonight?" He hoped that didn't sound as if he wanted to know what she was doing after the party.

"Who knows, I've been here til around 4, before." She shrugged.

"Seriously?" Howie winced. Well, that didn't sound right to him. Gabby would do the clean up, alone.

"I can help." Howie decided. He couldn't think of how lonely it must be, to be here..after hours. Especially, with drunk musicians.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to bonding sessions! I like these two together!


Launna said...

It's nice that Howie is willing to help out Gabby ...