Monday, January 16, 2017



The CD party was kind of a success. Keith, had to remind himself that he would never be heard on the radio. And who listened to the radio these days?

Still, it was a crowd at the recording studio. The bar was small, but lots of beer and soda pop. Nothing, where anyone could get too sloshed and start a fight.

He was hesitant to have Freddie here, but she seemed to have found a friend to talk too. It was a little unnerving. He didn't know if he should be jealous or not.

He felt as if his life had did a total flip. Yet, it was a tight rope act, trying to get the band going and wondering what sort of career he should go into.

He got some ideas from Stu who did know a lot about sound and mixing. But, Stu spent a good two years or so out in Arizona, learning that business. He'd also been the guy who set up music in places like rodeos and hometown festivals, too.

Keith felt as if that would be a low blow, but at least Stu was where he wanted to be now, and a lot of bands wanted him in the studio with them.

Of course, he knew it was all a pipe dream.

His mom was nice enough to take him and Freddie in. And it was all, a lot to absorb. He would be a father by mid-July.

Keith was suddenly straight lipped. He didn't know which he feared more, finding a real way to support his young family or the horror of it not happening at all.

"Hey, this is Howie." Freddie found her way to him and hugged his arm as if she'd missed him. "He likes your music."

Howie grinned and held up the CD. He'd actually bought a copy.

"Cool." Keith didn't know what else to say...other than, "Thanks for not making an illegal download."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to many successes in the studio!


Launna said...

It's always scary when you put yourself out there but very rewarding when you get good feedback...