Monday, January 23, 2017

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Omaha blew a breath. He didn't know what to say about Emily, but then he found he had plenty to say.

"I actually..met her at the library." He told Minnie.

"She must really love the library. She found herself a librarian." Minnie chuckled.

Omaha couldn't see how Minnie couldn't have a jealous bone in her body, and she was so easy to talk too.

"I don't even think she remembers me." Omaha then said. "And..and well I did some things with her." He didn't really want to tell Minnie he'd lost his virginity, but Minnie guessed it, anyway.

Damn, if before he knew it, he was talking about Carmen.

Omaha blinked tears. He wasn't sure if he was sweating or what. He hadn't meant for this to all be about Carmen. It was just all the things he'd ever wanted to do with Carmen, he'd done with Emily.

He felt like a fool now. But maybe this was the way it was suppose to be. People made mistakes. People learned from mistakes. Finally he got off the phone with Minnie.

While he was washing his face at the kitchen counter, Taylor showed up.

"You know, Sara doesn't like it when you do that." Taylor told him.

Omaha heaved a sigh and dried his face on a dish towel, anyway.

"Oh, and she hates that too."

Omaha swelled a frown and looked around the spotless kitchen.

"She won't even know, I'm here." Omaha snapped.

"Yeah, don't you and I both wish that." Taylor half laughed. He went to get a beer and got one for Omaha too.

"So you really have been acting freaking weird since Minnie's been around." Taylor told him.

"Huh?" Omaha winced hard.

"You..didn't know..Minnie .. from before..did you?" Now Taylor made him feel he was some sort of Casanova.

"God..NO." Omaha winced even harder, that's when he mentioned the Emily sighting.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Omaha is breaking my heart rn - he's so overwhelmed by conflicting emotions!


Launna said...

I'm so glad Omaha is opening up. Keeping it inside isn't good...