Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I get you're wasting your time

I get you're wasting your time

Was he hearing things?

Ellis was about to leave for his other job, but he heard yelling. It was probably his brother. He went down the thin hall to the makeup room where the door was shut. He opened it.

To his shock, it wasn't Emmett, but someone was saying harsh things to Alma.

"Hey!" He felt the need to butt end. True, it was after hours and no one was really around, but this really wasn't a place to say such nasty words. He would have never spoken like that, to anyone.

"What is your problem?" Ellis was taller and pushed the scrawny guy off Alma. Suddenly, everything was quiet.

"Is that your boyfriend?" He turned to her.

"No, just my brother. Gerrard." She gave her brother the eye, with a disgruntled pout. Her brother was rather angry. He'd came all this way, saying his sister owed him money.

"Geo." Gerrard clarified.

Ellis nodded, wondering how much it would take to make this problem go away, before Emmett noticed.

"Rent. I need her to pay rent this month." Geo hugged himself hard.

"Do you two live together?" Ellis wanted to know.

Geo shrugged. He was in a pout, too.

"I never liked living with her. When are YOU gonna get a place of your own?"

"You can't make ends meet." She sighed.

"Why is that?" Ellis really wanted to get to the root of the problem. He did want to help, but if this Geo was a trouble maker..then.

"He only knows how to tell you what to do. He actually doesn't do anything." Alama explained. Geo wouldn't look her in the eye. "They pay him, not to work." She pressed her lips tight.

"Oh." Ellis was certain he'd walked in the wrong door. This was way past fixing, evidently.

"Its not like that. Not like that at all." Geo eyes bulged only a bit.

"Well, don't come here anymore." Ellis told him Alma might lose her job. "You, wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

Geo wouldn't look at him. Ellis nursed his bottom lip for a moment. Then stared at Geo.

"Maybe, you need something to eat." Ellis then offered him a meal. It would only be at the nearby diner. Ellis had 45 minutes to kill. Since Geo walked here, Ellis could take him home.

Geo looked at him a little weary, but a burger and fries sounded good to him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope that Ellis and Geo learn to tolerate each other a bit more. :/


Launna said...

Geo needs to relax, he can't expect Alma to look after him...