Wednesday, February 1, 2017

its like this

its like this

Geo couldn't say no to food, but he didn't know what this guy was up, too. Wasn't he mad at him? One minute he was being so angry and now they were at that old diner, he never ever went too.

"Why? Why do you want to be nice to me? You, like my sister, don't you?" Geo was serious. It wasn't everyday he talked to strangers.

Ellis' smile was almost silly. Geo winced.

"No, its not that. I thought I'd be nice to you." He scanned the menu and told him the burgers were good here. "You, don't seem like the type ..who knows how to be nice."

"What?" He winced hard. "You, don't know me." Geo was defensive.

"Right, but its just, she's your sister, you.. should be nice to each other." Ellis explained how he'd always been nice to his siblings. "We don't shout at each other. Yeah, my brother expects a lot out of me at the funeral home, and he lets me know what he expects, at work..still, we manage to be nice to each other at home."

Geo looked up at him with a sarcastic glare. He wanted to bark back something angry, but he didn't.

"The special is the roast beef." Ellis then told him,

Geo guessed he could get through this. He said a burger and fries was good enough.

"I don't know why you're doing this." Geo didn't expect anything from anyone.

"Maybe..if I'm nice to you, you'll be nice to your sister. She's under a lot of stress with my brother, as it is." Ellis let Geo order first.

Geo didn't know if he had to like Ellis, but Ellis seemed determined to get to know him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ellis is a cool guy. :)


Launna said...

Geo should listen to Ellis... he might learn something...