Friday, January 27, 2017

late night sessions

late night sessions

Well, it was gonna be another late night/early morning at the recording studio.

Why was Ellis doing this to himself?

Oh yeah, Cal said he needed his help, but this guy Kia, came in on from the red-eye, New York City bound, who was only going to talk to Cal for a few minutes, but in the end it was an impromptu recording session.

Cal would handle the sound in the box.

Of course, Ellis couldn't do anything right, according to Kia. However, Ellis knew deep down who wasn't doing anything right, hot-shot Kia.

Ellis was turning into a monster, when Kia wasn't looking. It was impossible to work under these conditions, but he kept trying his best to make it happen.

Ellis winced as he watched Kia walk away. He then noticed how Kia and Cal were so close.

Ellis didn't think it was envy.

After all, he was Cal's friend. Perhaps, he was a little afraid of him. Maybe it was himself.

Besides, there was that other world Ellis lived in, with his brother at the funeral home. Emmett  wasn't letting up these days. He'd finally hired another makeup artist. Of course, they squabbled half the time.

Ellis yawned. Really, all he needed was a good night's sleep. He looked at his watch it was 3 a.m. He was shutting the system down.

Kia hadn't came back.

Ellis was leaving. He didn't even feel like saying good-bye.

Maybe he didn't want to have anything to do with this life, anyway.

He saw the two of them behind the glass window. He tried his best to turn away before they kissed, but he couldn't.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ellis seems so downtrodden rn!


Launna said...

It seems Ellis is a little bit jealous...