Thursday, January 26, 2017

taco night

taco night

Minnie went to work in Sara's kitchen as soon as she got there.

Nadine was content to be on her back in the toddler backpack. She told Josh to leave her. Of course, Sara looked at her as if she must be from some third world country.

Soon Sheena arrived and wanted to play with the baby, but Josh heard Nadine fussing so he took her, as if he should have done so, when they got there.

"Go check on Omaha." She didn't mean it to be an order, but she thought Sheena should be with him. He was in his room down in the basement,

Of course, Taylor was friendly enough. He finally held baby Nadine. Sara excused herself to the bathroom.

Minnie shot Josh a look.

"What?" Josh cued in on her alarm, as if they'd known each other in a past life.

"Its nothing." She pushed the grown meat around in the hot skillet with the wooden spatula she'd brought.

"Oh, its something." He looked at her, that she better be honest with him. "Nadine didn't poo."

Her smile was open. "Its not her, who's sick."

"Who's sick?" Omaha wanted to know.

"You're not sick, right?" She looked him over, as she turned the question around.

Naturally, he snarled his nose up, at her question.

Minnie turned off the heat. The silence waved over them. Then the sound of someone sick was heard from the bathroom.

"I think someone is going to have a baby." Minnie sighed.

"A baby?" Naturally, Omaha turned to Sheena.

Minnie cracked up. "I wasn't thinking of Sheena."

"Well, you're the one pregnant." Omaha reminded her.

"Oh really." She laughed at him. Sometimes, she thought he was as dense as a fence post.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an awkward little exchange. :/


Launna said...

Oh my gosh... that was odd... lol