Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Everyday is like Sunday

Everyday is like Sunday

Gordy kept thinking about what Irwin said, "Don't you want to know how it'll be with Tiffany?"

Irwin was happy now, finding Julia. Gordy could see it in Irwin's smile that he felt as if he'd found the right one. They were adorable together, and everything was with such an ease. They made falling in love so easy.

He'd practiced most his life to keep in step with everything. Still, there was something missing. Was he trying to be too perfect? Maybe, it was time to play this by ear.

"It would be so much easier, if you lived here." Betty told him he could move in, anytime.

Her words were a comfort now as he ate the leftover plate of food, waiting for him at her kitchen table.

He'd been in such a rush, wanting to make a house a home, but maybe he wasn't going about it in the right way.

The mac and cheese was perfectly messy, and he liked her meatloaf. He drank the cold milk, as well. He hadn't remembered food like this in decades.

Of course, Tiffany was helping Brick with some homework. He heard them fussing in Brick's room.

"Just think of the money, you'll save." Betty told him.

Gordy nodded. He guessed she was right. Why couldn't he take it one day at a time? Still, there was a goal in mind.

In his head, he was just trying to look out for a hopeful family. He wanted everything to be proper and laid out with doors that opened and closed and a life tidied up, before it ever started.

"Well..." He was so tired. He was certain he could sit here in a sleep, if he let himself. "Do you think..she would want that?"

"Of course," Betty smiled. "We all want you here."

"Huh." He guessed he knew. Why was it so hard to say yes? It was true, he'd been alone. It was all he knew.  Perhaps, it was time to figure this out before it was too, late.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope he takes them up on their offer - he shouldn't be alone so much!


Launna said...

I am glad they invited him to join it... hopefully he will accept and feel included...