Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh, but only if - you're really interested

Oh, but only if - you're really interested

There went Alma's Android. After midnight.

It woke Geo who came to Alma's bedroom door.

"What's going on?" He yelled.

Alma sighed. She picked up the phone.

"I LOVE YOU." The words were female and slurred. "I love you so much, Alma girl." Then came a hiccup.

"I know." Alma didn't really want to play into her friend's conversation. "I love you, too." She managed, thinking this would last at the most 10 minutes.

Dora briefly told Alma that she was saving the elephants. "Its a working..vacation." Dora's voice was high strung, but she was passionate about how much she wanted to help the elephants in India.

"We..should..go..together." Dora told her, then yawned. "Look, I gotta go to sleep."

Alma thought Dora hung up, but she screeched one last time. "I LOVE YOU."

 Alama ended the call, hoping to drift off to sleep, but she doubted she could.

"What does she want now?" Of course, Geo was wide awake and sitting on the edge of her bed in his gray sweat pants and dingy tank.

"Does it matter? Go to bed." Puppies behaved better than he did.

"Did she ask about me?" Naturally, he wanted to know.

"No." Dora never asked about him. "Why would she?"

"I dunno." He sounded as if it there was a reason, but it was a secret.

She stared at him, thinking he wouldn't..he couldn't..not with her best friend Dora. Even if it did happen, Dora would have been drunk and probably blacked out.

"She loves me. Not you." Not that it was anything romantic. Her friend got around, but Alma wasn't part of that world. Alma stayed at home, read books, watched TV alone. It was a very uneventful world.

"Do you think she's OK?" Geo wanted to know, as if he really cared.

Alma was a little shocked. "Who really knows?" Alma yawned. She didn't hear from Dora very often. Actually, she didn't even know where her friend was these days.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Dora is going to regret that phone call in the morning. :/


Launna said...

Never make calls when you are drinking...