Saturday, February 11, 2017

You gonna take away my energy

You're gonna take away my energy

It was so hard to be nice. No one knew how hard it was for Geo to act so calm. Not even his sister would know of his great acting abilities.

A part of him wondered why he was doing this. Maybe it was because Ellis wanted to hang out with him. No one had ever wanted to hang out with him. Especially, when the slightest things made him so high strung.

Yes, he'd even broke things on the job, and it wasn't an accident.

Still, he'd been so calm. It worried him a little. Just why was he helping his so called friend out?

Were they friends?

Well, he got out there and danced, once the music started. Weren't they suppose to do those sort of things at an after party?

Geo  didn't know, but he got Ellis out there to swim in the crowd with him. Of course, Ellis didn't know what to do. Geo danced around him as if he might be the only one their who knew how to move to the music.

Yes, he thought he could do a lot things.

Little did he know, he was an idiot on the dance floor.

Ellis kind of moved, but he was stiff like a robot.

This was definitely unknown territory.

One thing for sure, he'd stumped Callum while Geo took Ellis off... as if he owned him.

And there was that girl, Gabby, laughing at him, but he soon started dancing with her, too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

At least they're having a good time!


Launna said...

Geo needs to relax a little more, he seems a bit uptight at times...