Friday, March 24, 2017

around the table

around the table

"OH." Macy found herself saying, after listening to Draco explain how Sky was his brother.

"But, you have to keep it a secret." He told her.

This was the first time she was meeting his mother and father.

"Will Sky be there?" She wanted to know.

"He's probably at the hospital with the baby, but you can meet my other brother Draco and his husband." They lived across the river in Iowa in a little place called Glenwood.

Macy smiled thinking it would be nice to meet them. Were they(Macy and Draco) actually a couple now?

Yes, they'd kissed, but that had been after a long winter weekend of snow. Now, it seemed like a dream, but so did this. It didn't seem quite possible that Draco would include her, on something with his family. Of course, she was good friends with his daughter Lily..who was at his parents.

Sky's mother was there too. She was in the kitchen baking cookies with Lily. Draco's mom was resting in her reclyner in the livingroom while his dad was watching a basketball game. The volume was so loud. Draco turned it down with the remote.

Honestly, she could see a bit of resemblance of Draco in his father, who looked so fit and ready to take on the world, but once Draco said a few words to him..she could see he looked confused. He didn't say anything.

It wasn't long til his mother awoke. She looked a bit exhausted.

"Oh, I didn't know if you were coming or not." His mother got up as if she'd been asleep in this space all night, not just 10 minutes.

They went to the kitchen while Draco's dad stayed put, in front of the TV.

"We made chocolate chip cookies." Lily said ever so brightly. "Auntie B is the best!" She hugged her around the waist, as if they were truly fond of each other.

Macy didn't know what to say. But she remembered Draco said Sky's mother Rebecca would be here. Rebecca introduced herself and shook Macy's hand. Still, to Lily, Rebecca was her grandmother's little sister, or maybe she was her Dad's big sister.

Macy only nodded.

Soon both women set the table. Nico and his husband arrived with fresh baked rolls from the store. Draco opened a bottle of red wine. He brought Macy and Lily some fresh lemonade from the fridge.

Naturally, his Dad was the last to be seated. He was walking without a cane, but it was a slow go for him to get in his place.

"All, my kids are here." He smiled. Then he stood for a moment, looking at them blankly. "Wait.."

"Sky is at the hospital, Dad." Rebecca reminded him about the baby.

"Sky has a baby?" His question went unanswered as everyone passed his plate around to put a little bit of food on. He didn't really eat that much anymore, according to Draco's mom.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Draco's dad comes around. :/


Launna said...

His dad doesn't seem to be aware of what is going on...