Friday, March 17, 2017

How I Hate to See You Like This

How I hate to see you like this

Sara had only meant to spend a few minutes with Daisy at the hospital. It was so cozy in the birthing suite. Yet,  there were the computers, monitoring the baby's every movement.

Of course, Daisy was being very calm. Sara knew if it were her, she would be screaming by now. They both looked at the baby's position on the monitor.

A part of her, didn't think this was fair. Of course, Daisy said she felt she'd spent a good part of her twenties pregnant.

"After this, I'm done." Daisy was having contractions, but she handled them like a pro.

"Really?" Sara was stunned. "You, don't want anymore kids?"

Daisy shook her head, no. She was looking at this realistic, or so she told Sara. If there were anymore, it would be only helping out someone who needed a family.

"We still have so much to get through." She was thinking of Max's education. "Isn't Taylor going back to school?" She looked at Sara as if she needed to support him.

Sara didn't know. She really hadn't thought about it. Was he suppose to go to college? She didn't think he wanted too. He never talked about it. Really, this was the last thing she thought she would be thinking about it.

Daisy only smiled.

"Oh..Max.." Her smile was open. "Really, I feel like he was my first child. always will be. I always wanted to be the family he never had and then..well, we sort of multiplied." She was having a boy, this time.

Sara nodded. That had never been a thought in her head, when she was with Max. It was just living a high school moment. He was good-looking and nice, Sara remembered.

Suddenly, a nurse came in and told her the baby was in distress. Sara needed and went to wait in the hall.

Sara felt a little distressed herself. What did it mean? She called Taylor on the phone, out in the hallway to tell him about Daisy and the baby. That was when he told her about the Minnie and Josh situation.


The Purple Assassin. said...

you're an amazing writer!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sara has a lot going on. :/


Launna said...

I hope the baby is okay...