Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Its a common misconception

Its a common misconception

Geo got word that Dora was coming. He didn't know for how long. Actually, not even when..but he wasn't so sure if he wanted to see her.

Of course, it was hard to stay on task, but he knew Ellis was counting on him to do the music, as of late, at the funeral home.

If only, he could push play every-time, and just be done with it. Of course, if he didn't think about the music much, he never made a mistake. He was happy to have the job and yet it was so tiring.

For a twenty-four year old, he needed a lot of sleep. Always had, evidently. Still most of his life, he thought he was running on empty.

He couldn't possibly do anything when he got back to the apartment. Naturally, his sister would be in a tizzy. Why couldn't he clean up? She wasn't asking for a miracle, but if he would clean up, after himself.

Maybe, he just enjoyed her annoying voice. He shook the thought and went to practice the sheet music.

Besides, the funeral was over. The people were gone. He was all by his lonesome, or so he thought..until he looked over his shoulder, and there she was... standing there as if she might be lost.

Geo tried his best not to sigh. He started to say "What do you want?" He was certain, all he needed to do was  point to the bathroom.

"Can I help you?" Finally he said the words he knew Ellis would say if he were here.

"Oh, I'm.." She started to say something, and she stopped. For a moment, he understood her timidness. "I was..just listening..and..and I've always wanted to learn to you give lessons?"

Geo slightly felt dizzy.

"No," He suddenly said. But she looked so sweet, and he would hate to be mean. "But..but I could..I guess." He found himself saying. "Um..who are you?" Geo squinted. Maybe he could introduce her to Ellis. Maybe Geo could get out of this, yet.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Geo's okay.


Launna said...

She seemed to get under Geo's skin... hmmm