Thursday, March 30, 2017

do we have to talk about this

do we have to talk about this

"Uh, I don't know what you're talking about." Ellis stared at Geo. This was some sort of business adventure he'd neglected to mention.

He squinted, thinking this was the worst day ever. There was a new guy at the studio. Somehow, Callum had left him in charge.

Just one big mystery after another.

1. Ellis felt he was back to the beginning, of having to prove himself.

2. There was that other job at the funeral home with his brother, who was rather bitter these days, leaving it all to a kid like Geo.

3. Ellis was worried about Callum. What was he doing in South Korea?

4. This new guy Louis was making Ellis miserable. Not that Louis had asked much of him. It was the fact he'd taken over Callum's office.

5. And now Geo was asking him to give someone piano lessons.

"I don't have time for this." Ellis scowled as if the thought made him sick.

"But..but she's this girl.."

"I don't care." It was easy to see how Geo could be swayed. Geo might have said he was of the asexual nature, but Ellis didn't believe him. "You'll, have to do it." Ellis felt himself snap.

Geo looked ever so sad about this situation.

"I'm sure, you'll do fine." Ellis did his best not be so bitter.

"What's wrong?" Geo scowled back.

"Its nothing." He would be straight lipped.

"You're the worst actor in the world, you know that?" Geo thought they should get pizza, even a burger at that greasy place Ellis always liked to go, too. "If you eat, you'll feel better."

"But I don't want to eat." He sighed.

"You know, you looked better in those pictures when you had some baby fat." Geo shrugged.

"What pictures?" Ellis winced, wondering when Geo could have seen pictures him.

"You're sister showed me." Geo smirked.

Ellis winced harder. When was he spending time with his sister?

"What did she say?" Ellis scowled. Did Hannah think they were dating?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm a bit worried about Ellis.


Launna said...

Ellis needs to chill out a bit...