Friday, March 31, 2017

sister to sister

Sister to Sister

It was a long time coming, but Tiffany finally did lunch with her sister Brit. Of course, Tiffany took a step back when she saw how large Brit's stomach was getting.

"Woo..are you having twins?" Tiffany couldn't imagine the load her sister was carrying, and she still worked down at the police station.

Brit only grinned as if Tiffany's remark was a compliment. "Its gonna be a big boy."

Tiffany kept staring at her as if Brit must be shrinking by the minute as her baby bump was taking over her. Tiffany was thankful it wasn't her.

They finally found a table to get into. Brit couldn't get into a booth. Tiffany hated to worry about her little sister, but she thought this was ridiculous. And Brit's happiness made Tiffany a little nervous. Who could be THAT HAPPY?

"Are you sure? You're OK?" Tiffany looked at her blankly. Brit nodded and ordered a vanilla milkshake and a double patty hamburger too.

Tiffany studied the menu. It wasn't the healthiest place to be. She knew she should eat a salad since that was all Gordy wanted lately. After all, he wasn't just a local actor and teacher, he was a runner too. Tiffany winced. Nope, she was going for the burger and onion rings while she had a chance.

"So how are things going with you and Gordon?" Brit wanted to know.

"Oh, fine." Tiffany nodded. Sure, it was an adjustment. He was a hugger in bed. Most times, she would wake in the morning with a leg and an arm wrapped around her. But she didn't think of him clingy. After all, she loved him.

"Really? Just fine?" Brit's serious stare as if she wanted the 411 on their relationship.

"Mom, gave us her room," Tiffany said. "She's in the guestroom." Maybe that was part of the problem. Tiffany hated to admit that she did wonder just how many men had her mother had in that room, over the years.

She knew she should be grateful to her mom for letting them live with her, rent free. Still, she guessed she had a terrible mind. But Gordy was happy, and he did tend to make everything look brighter.

" you know anything about this, Julia? She's Dewey's sister, you know." Tiffany changed the subject.

"Julia?" Brit looked at her blankly.

Tiffany pressed a glare back. She knew her sister knew who Julia was. She knew why Brit always found an excuse not to be there when her mother invited Julia over, but Brit was being coy, as usual.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Brit wouldn't be so deceitful. :/


Launna said...

I hope Tiffany and Gordy find their own place when they can ...