Saturday, April 1, 2017

baby news


Daisy detected the negativity in her mother's voice. Of course, she wouldn't like the name they picked for the baby.

"We call him, Robby." She tried to cradle both the phone and the baby, but it wasn't exactly working. The phone dropped on the bed, but she could talk from there.

Naturally, her mom didn't call her. Daisy doubted she came to see her grandchildren, anytime soon. Her mom was getting ready to go visit her relatives back in Seoul.

"Robby?" Her mother didn't like that either. "Well, at least he's not a Junior." She sounded proud of that fact.

"The name Robert is part of Dad's name, but they never called him Robert, and Max's Dad's middle name is Robert." Daisy told her.

"Oh, you would have to name him after your father." Her voice was dull and ever so annoying.

Daisy sighed. Why did she even try? Her mother could go years without ever calling. Then she would wonder why Daisy didn't have anything. Why couldn't she come to Korea? Why didn't she have any money? This was her mother's agenda. Always impatience and then out of the blue she would talk about her trips with her new husband and the places she'd shopped.

Daisy barely listened as she held the sleeping baby. It took her two days to have him, but he was healthy and already knew who she was.

Daisy smiled, but then she wondered if her mother ever held her like this or did she just stick her in an infant seat and pushed a bottle in her mouth. She knew her Dad wouldn't say. Although, she'd remembered being in his arms, more than her mother's. He liked to dance around with her. He always took care of her when she scraped a knee.

She knew her mother blamed her sour life on her father. They'd never had anything, according to her Mom. Yet, there had been no peace until her mother left.

Finally, the phone call was over. Daisy wished she'd told her mother that she loved her, but she never found a moment when she could say it.

"I know you're grandmother loves you, Robby." Daisy sighed. Of course, her mother didn't know that the baby almost weighed 10 pounds when he was born. Daisy was afraid to tell her.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish Daisy's mother could see little Robby for herself!


Launna said...

Mother-daughter relationships can be so complicated at times...