Friday, March 3, 2017

just a little notion

just a little notion

"What are you going to do?" Omaha glared at Josh, as if he better not let Minnie down. "Sheena says.. you guys have to move? What happened?"

He found Josh alone in the isle of peanut-butter at the mega grocery.

Josh looked different, but he looked tired, yet not quite sad.

"We'll find something." Josh shrugged, as he went for the jar of natural peanut-butter.

"Look, I want to help." Omaha, hoped Josh didn't think he was angry with him. "I know Minnie and Blackie aren't getting back together, and..and I do worry about her. I would really worry about her, weren't with her."

Josh only nodded, even lipped. Still, it was as if he was hiding something.

"Look." Omaha didn't want to make this anymore awkward than he had, too. "If..if you guys are together, I'm OK with that."

Josh stared at him as if he would never ever speak to Omaha, again.

Omaha sighed.

"I know, we're not friends, but..but there is something, just so familiar about you. maybe we grew up together, and I just don't remember. I mean, we moved around a lot, when I was growing up."

Josh said his family moved a lot too, but his dad worked horses and they were out in Montana for a while on a ranch.

Omaha nodded, thinking he could at least be family to Minnie, even if his cousin Blackie was being a butthead, lately. He mentioned Blackie grew up on a ranch, too. Although, it felt like a farm to Omaha.

"I might know a place." Omaha knew this wasn't good for Minnie. After all, she was having a baby next month.

He got Josh's phone number and said he'd call him soon.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think ranch life would truly suit her!


Launna said...

I love that Omaha is trying to help Minnie and Josh ...