Tuesday, March 21, 2017

moving on

moving on

"I don't think she likes me." Minnie didn't sound thrilled with the idea of moving in with Taylor and Sara, while she was folding towels at the dining room table.

Josh let the chocolate chip cookie set in his mouth for a moment, not sure what to say to that. Finally, he swallowed and cleared his throat.

"We..we would be in Omaha's room. Its the basement. There's even an outside entrance. We wouldn't be bothering them, much." He told her. Besides, he wanted to get out of here, soon as possible. It was best to make a clean slate and never think of Tina, again. As it was, she was overseas. Hopefully, still in Germany and not in some God forsaken country driving a truck.

"I know..I've been there." Minnie remembered with a bitter frown.

"What? You, don't think its big enough?" He winced. Unsure, what she was getting at. Usually, she was always in a happy mood.

"Its big enough." She was even lipped. She finally mentioned that the bathroom was nice, just a shower, though.

"Oh." He nodded. He couldn't think of her getting into a bathtub, not these days, anyway. She was due with the baby in April.

"Look, we..we can put a lot of stuff in storage." He looked around, as if everything would have to be packed. Perhaps, the military could do it, at least for Tina. This was her stuff.

"Or we could sell it." Minnie mentioned how a lot of this furniture could be bought up in a matter of seconds, online.

"I couldn't do that...not to Tina." Now Josh was even lipped. Perhaps, she would change her mind some day. He was certain she would want to see their daughter, Naddy (Nadine) again.

"I know." Minnie said ever so quietly. "I know she left you, for a woman."

Josh slightly flinched. He said nothing.

Minne went on in the silence. But they both knew Tina was never coming back.


Launna said...

It's sad Tina doesn't seem to want to see her daughter... I feel for Josh but he needs to move on...

baili said...

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish Tina would have a change of heart - her daughter deserves to see/know her.