Monday, March 20, 2017

Let's wait awhile

Let's Wait Awhile

Taylor wasn't sure what he was getting into, at the hospital. It was like going into a high tech security system, just to walk the halls of the maternity ward.

First, it was all so casual, hanging out with Max in the birthing suite. Taylor held Sara close, as other family members came by to visit too. Daisy's dad brought Max and Daisy's little girl, who went right to Max's arms.

A part of Taylor felt he was intruding on a family moment, but Max was treating him like family. He went to get some food from the diner.

Then, everyone would go out and wait in the hall, when the doctor checked to see if it was time for the baby to come.

"Then, they just rush her into surgery?" Taylor looked blankly at Max.

"No, she'll have the baby right here. You, guys can stay..if you want." Max told him.

Taylor shrugged, not sure this was really the place he wanted to be, but Sara wanted to be with her best friend, Daisy.

"I guess so." Although, he was never one to want  to watch anything bloody on TV. Naturally, Sara always had her eyes open for that.

"It might be an all nighter." Max shrugged back.

" sounded like the baby might.." Taylor thought this could all be over with in the next 15 minutes.

"It could, but I'm looking at 2 in the morning." Max looked at his watch.

"Oh." Well, he did have work in the morning. So did Sara. He went to get Sara.

He took both her hands. "Maybe, we should go home."

"Are Josh and Minnie going to be there?" She pressed a concerned look.

"Not, yet. Not until next month." He promised. "You are OK with it, aren't you?"

"We'll see." They walked together, hand in hand down the corridor.

"We can't just leave them hanging, you know." He winced. "Omaha seems to think we'll all get along."

Sara sighed.

"Minnie can cook." That was a plus.

"But..she's gonna have a baby." Taylor told her Minnie couldn't do all the cooking. "We'll have to help, too."

"Its not that I don't cook. I don't have time to cook," was her excuse.

Taylor knew there was lots to do, before Josh and Minnie moved in.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope they can all make it work.


Launna said...

Lots of things going on... it will be dealt with in time... I just hope the baby is okay...