Sunday, March 19, 2017

Listening to the all-night-singing-sweet-melodies-fairy trees

Listening to the all-night-singing-sweet-melodies-fairy trees

Sky was too numb to feel much when he couldn't get Sam on the phone.

He'd spent day and night, lately, in the premie ward. She was so distant and he'd given her space.

He'd hoped Mae would have come through, but that was a lot to ask. He'd talked to some of the nurses, trying to find out, if anyone was doing anything for Sam's mental health.

A doctor had seen her. But she wasn't evaluated. Or if she was, it was a private matter. Too private for him to ask about.

Honestly, he felt like he didn't get anywhere these days. He felt he was a ghost in these hospital halls.

Then Nico came to the rescue. Sky was glad he could talk the talk with the hospital. Nico and his husband stayed with baby while Sky finally was able to go home, to at least wash up.

When he got to his place, Draco was already there. The apartment was clean, and there was food from his father's side of the family. His wife made all sorts of Italian dishes. But he didn't want to eat. Didn't even want to sleep. Besides, Draco had never said much to him.

"I dunno what to do." Sky finally said, wishing he could get a hold of Sam's Mom. He hadn't even called his own.

"My mom called her." Draco told him Sky's mom had been contacted. "She helped her cook all this."

Sky almost laughed out loud. What was happening? Weren't their mothers suppose to hate each other?

"Wash up, and eat." Draco told him while he was folding laundry.

Sky shook his head, thinking what a disaster area this place had been. Sam didn't do much house work anymore. It was such a mess, now everything was in order.

His smart phone went off. Sky was hoping he would hear from Sam, but it was his mother who called to tell him that Sam was with her mother, in New York City.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

So many crazy changes taking place!


Missy said...

wow i didnt know that was going to happen!


Launna said...

There is a great deal going on there... at least Sky knows where Sam is now xox