Sunday, March 12, 2017

That's how it is

that's how it is

Taylor looked at Omaha as if he was the crazy one. He sat there cradling his cup of morning coffee at the dining table while Omaha was frying up some eggs and toast. Sara was still sleeping.

She would be the last to get up. It might take both of them to get her going. That's why Omaha said they needed their protein. There were hamburger patties sizzling next to the eggs. Of course Omaha was still in his sleep pants and a tank.

"Look, if Josh and Minnie are here..there would always be supper on the table, breakfast too. I really like her egg burritos." Omaha shrugged as he turned the egg over in the skillet.

"When did you have her burritos?" Taylor winced.

"She brings Sheena all sorts of stuff." Omaha told him.

"Does that woman ever sleep?" He sipped his coffee, wondering when Sara was ever awake anymore.

"She can get a lot done in a day." Omaha told him.

"Makes me tired, just thinking about her." Taylor shrugged. "How could the rest of us, keep up with her?" He just didn't see it happening.

"Come on, there's space for the baby down there." Omaha reminded him their was an entrance down in the basement. They wouldn't be coming in the front door.

Taylor shook his head. It would be too hard to sell this on Sara.

"I think she'll be OK with it." Omaha was serious. This cracked Taylor up, but breakfast was waiting and he did need to eat before getting the bear up.


Launna said...

Taylor is funny, trying to prepare himself to deal with Sarah. .

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Omaha is right. :/