Saturday, March 11, 2017

what is it about Sam?

"But I am worried," Mae felt the need to talk about this to somebody. Of course, Josie didn't know a thing about Sky and Sam's baby.

"He might be in the hospital for a long time." Mae wasn't sure if that meant weeks or month, but she did wonder how they would manage.

Josie didn't say much, but she let Mae hold the baby, even feed her a bottle.

"I..I just don't know..what I can do about it." Josie finally said, when she brought some treats from the kitchen.

"I'm afraid Sam needs..something. She was so strange. I..I didn't know what to say." Mae told her that she was supposed to be Sam's best friend. Actually, she didn't know she was supposed to be.

"What do you think I should do?" Mae needed to know.

"Well, there is only so much you can do? What is she wanting a GO FUND page?" Josie sipped her coffee as if it was nice to have both hands free, for a change.

"I.." Mae didn't know if that was the answer. "I think Sky has pretty good insurance." She imagined. "Its just...Sam..I mean, what if.." Mae didn't want to say it. "What if she ups and leaves Sky?" She felt so bad for Sky, who was really looking out for the baby.

"They haven't even name him yet." Mae nursed her bottom lip. Seriously, she was not good at keeping secrets.

And maybe a part of her really didn't like Sam. Mae hated listening to Sam say how..of all people..she should understand, since she gave up her baby.

Mae sucked in a breath.

"The baby isn't even Sky's." Mae sadly admitted. "She told me...the father of the baby is.. in high school." She almost yelped, but she said it again. "High school."

Josie was even lipped.

"I'll talk to Henry." But not about the baby's father. "Maybe he can let them know at the library, what's happened. Maybe, they can at least by groceries for them, or something. Provide a hot meal. I mean, I could..even do that."

"Of course," Mae nodded. She would make a casserole, some cookies too. She should have thought about it before, but the secret about the baby had been fresh on her mind. She would try to think positive. "I'll make sure to call Sam and see what we can do."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Sky doesn't end up with his heart broken.


Launna said...

It's nice that Josie wants to help out ...