Friday, March 10, 2017

Does it matter

does it matter

Xander wondered where Sid went. He wasn't at his father's house.

"Why is he still here?" He asked his step-mother. After all, he'd had a long talk with his half-brother Simon, a few days ago about Uncle Sid. It was a little baffling.

"Sid tried to get Simon and his girlfriend to try some 'rooms." Xander thought she needed to know.

"What?" Tessa looked at him a bit startled. He had to explain to her what the natural narcotic could do. She was in a tizzy then.

"Come on, you didn't think a guy like him would be-" Xander didn't want to say what he thought, but he was starting to think Sid was the earthiest snake around. "I don't like him."

"Well, he is kind of a bum." But when she said it, Xander knew very well that Tessa might be thinking of Sid's bum.

Xander would hate to think that Tessa and Sid could possibly be...together. He glared at her, as he hugged himself hard.

"He's a bad influence. I don't know why..why HE bothered, in letting him come here." Xander was getting testy on this relative matter. After all, he knew now he must have the worst family of all. It was hard to care about any of them.

"Oh, your Dad...means well, he really does, Xander." Tessa tried to console him, but all Xander could see were her sharp fingernails, piercing his back. Xander squirmed away. He only wanted Ducky to touch him, not these strangers who said they were family.

"He's just not very good at saying he's sorry. And, I'm sure if he could take it all back, things would be different."

"It doesn't matter." Xander said, ever so coldly. He didn't want to have anything to do with any of them, but Simon. "It would be best if you didn't have anything to do with Sid." He was bad news. Didn't they understand this?

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Launna said...

Xander has a great deal going on... he isn't up for family bonding, that's for sure...