Thursday, March 9, 2017

let me see your eyes

let me see your eyes

"I don't know..if we should get involved with this." Sheena looked at Omaha, as if this would really be an undertaking. She shook her head, while he chopped more onion.

She wasn't really helping with supper. Well, she was stirring the spatula around in the raw ground pork that Omaha was cooking up for chili.

"I don't have a problem, being at your place." He told her, her bed was big enough. Yet, it was winter, and yes she did like snuggling to a warm body who never wore anything to bed. What would it be like, by summer? Would they have every Sunday as nude day?

"I know, but how would Sara feel? Having Josh and Minnie here. I mean, he's got a toddler and she's gonna have a baby." Sheena looked at Omaha, as if he hadn't thought this through.

"Precisely." He pointed the sharp knife at her. He was so serious.

Sheena sighed and went back to the sizzling meat. She kept moving the little pink chunks around, to keep it from burning. Finally, he slid in the chopped onion and reached for a jalapeno.

Sheena shook her head, no. Didn't he remember? Sara didn't like spicy food. After all, she was still getting sick in the afternoons from her pregnancy.

Omaha cracked a silly grin, bit into the pepper to show her it wasn't that hot. Then he gave her a bite.

It was terribly spicy. Sheena went to get some water. Now even her fingers were burning from touching the pepper.

How did he do it?

And now he wanted to move in with Josh and Minnie would have a place to go, since they couldn't live in base housing, anymore.


Launna said...

I hope it works out for them if theu decide to move in together.... I don't like spicy either...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think Sheena needs to voice her concerns - keeping them in isn't going to help anything. :/