Wednesday, March 8, 2017



Joey was doing his best to concentrate at work. Still, he didn't see he could be doing that bad of a job. Honestly, he always thought he worked harder than Corina, at shelving books (cause she talked the blessed time). And that Will, a dumb high schooler. Supposedly, he was so artistic, but as of yet.. he hadn't shown Joey anything.

True, Joey had a lot on his mind while shelving. There was Dakota to think about.

Suddenly, a smile rose to his thin face, while he was in the midst of the biographies, he was putting away. Dakota asked him where they got her name from. He hadn't wanted to tell her she'd been conceived one summer, while on a camping trip in the Dakotas with his first love, Sophia.

"That's the name your mom wanted." It sounded a lifetime ago..and about people he didn't know. Still, he'd been happy on that trip with Dakota's mother. He was some other person then. He might look the same, but he was so much younger then. Everything was so beautiful with Sophia. He knew that love felt so surreal now. It almost hurt his heart to think about it. He held a heavy Mark Twain book to his chest.

For a moment, he thought he might sink into tears. Why didn't life get better? It was suppose to be better than this.

He put the thick book away. Of course, he thought he saw someone.. on the other side of the shelf, looking back at him, through the shadows.


He sighed. There was a real person that looked like Chelsea (his invisable lesbian girlfriend..last known as his ex, but he couldn't be certain of that in his head), and Sheila had a real Native American boyfriend who could probably get his own Asian TV show.

Joey walked around to the other side of the shelf. There was no one.

Suddenly, he had a hankering to find a book on the Clovis people. He didn't know why he didn't figure this out sooner. There had been someone who talked about the Clovis people..who were here before the Native Americans. He'd heard someone ramble on about it, when he was at the halfway house. It could have been a TV show. He thought they were making s h i t up. But what if it was true?... and that boyfriend of Chelsea's.

He squinted hard, like he might get a headache. C H E L S E A, that girl who looked like her. What was her name? Why didn't he remember her name. What tribe was her boyfriend from? Weren't Native American suppose to look like they came from India?

Now he was in a pout about it. Here he was in the middle of the library, and he couldn't find a book on anything that could really help him.

"Hey." He looked up. He sighed, a bit of relief. Thank God it wasn't Chelsea nor that girl who looked liked Chelsea.

It was Sid.

"What are you doing here?" Joey grinned.

"What are you doing here?" Sid poked him in the chest and grinned, right back. "Hey, I got something to show you." He whispered. Of course, he couldn't show it to him in the middle of the library.


cat ees & skinny jeans said...

I can't imagine Sid has anything good to show. :/


Launna said...

Hmmm, I wonder what Sid has to show him... I'd like to know why he keeps thinking he is seeing Chelsea...