Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Luck

What Luck

Effy decided everyone was wrong about this old apartment complex next to the campus.

1. No bugs.
2. No bed bugs.
3. No ants.
4. No rodents.

And there was Jamie to sleep with.

Honestly, they weren't in a hot mess. And she was a little concerned about sleeping with the male species. But then again, he was going to be a doctor...so...

1. Jamie studied endlessly.
2. Sometimes, he might fall asleep on a text book.
3. He usually slept in sweat pants and tank.

"Has anything really happened?" Her friend Corina wanted to know. After all, Corina was her first guest over. Naturally, the place looked more like a motel room than an apartment. The walls were freshly painted and bare. They'd found a few pieces of old furniture at the campus loan shop. That's where they got a bed and a dresser, too. For 20 bucks a month they could rent all this. Even a flat screen. Naturally, she hadn't found a job yet.

"Oh..you know.." Effy shook her bangs out of her eyes, and tried to look as if she knew exactly what Corina was talking about.

Truth be told, the first time for her wasn't all that. After a 10 minute duration, Jamie was asleep in 2 minutes. Effy was wide awake, trying to recount the steps it took for total love making. "It's OK."

Corina nodded as if she understood.

"But, you've had lots of boyfriends." Effy shrugged, as if she really didn't have anything to go on.

Effy wondered how long it took Corina to be in full throttle of a relationship. Effy wasn't thinking they were still in the beginning part. Still, they lived on the cheap and were happy they somehow managed Netflix, but that was from his brother's account. Thankfully, they did have free Internet.

"Why do you say that?" Corina looked at her as if that was not so. She put down her cup of coffee.

"Oh..I..I just..thought..."

"I've only been with Joey." She made it sound as if wasn't all that, after all.

"Oh." Effy winced, wondering how to react.

"You've had a boyfriend, before." Corina snapped.

"Well..that..that wasn't..what you think." It felt silly to talk about. "He says..we..he bought me a rose, on Valentines Day." That was over 2 years ago. "We didn't even really talk..and I never ever kissed him."

"God, is he still stalking you?" Corina's eyes were so big.

Effy shook her head, no. She hadn't noticed. She didn't care.

This was her life with Jamie. Maybe she didn't know what she was really doing with him, but they were together.

"You, don't really need Jamie, you know." Corina then said.

Effy only winced, thinking Corina was acting odd. Maybe Corina wasn't even talking about her, but about herself.

Effy took a sip a coffee and pushed some cheap cookies from the Dollar Tree, toward Corina. Effy would take Corina's observation with a grain of salt. After all, had Corina ever really lived with a guy?


Launna said...

Corina sounds a little judgemental of Effy... she should worry about herself and not others. ..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad Effy isn't taking Corina's statement to heart.