Monday, March 6, 2017

little woes

little woes

Ducky wished Xander didn't care so much, but then was one of things he loved about him.

"You're getting in over your head." Ducky told him, even if he winced..wishing he hadn't said it. "First Joey and his this kid Sunny."

A part of Ducky wanted to walk away. Still, Xander even cared about Ducky's little brother Jamie, who moved in with his girlfriend.

Ducky wanted to shake some sense into him, as he grabbed his shoulders. Oh, he went in for a hug, anyway.

He could understand how Ducky must have felt for that pre-teen at the car crash.

Ducky wanted to tell him...Joey had to go. That was the biggest problem in their lives. Why in the world did they ever take him in?


Yes, he'd grown to love her. Really, he wished they could adopt her. She did make him want to be a good dad, a much better one, than her dad..Joey.

But didn't Xander see..there were just too many in this house....add in Joey's girlfriend. There was no room for Sunny.

"If..If Joey gets mixed up, in anything else..he's gotta go. He has to go." Xander's words were just what Ducky wanted to say.

He pulled away and looked at Xander. Ducky was shocked. Finally, he nodded. Of course, he was on his husband's side.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad they're on the same page. :)


Launna said...

I agree that Joey needs to go if he causes anymore issues... they have to look out for themselves ...