Sunday, March 5, 2017

everything was peachy

everything was peachy

Sam thought it might be a relief, if she confessed someone. Of course, that someone was Mae.

Hadn't Mae done worse things? After all, Mae gave her baby away... to her sister... when she was a senior in high school, Surly, she could relate?

Mae didn't look at her when she told her about Connor and the baby.

"It was just..just one of those things..I didn't think would happen..and then it did." She wanted to believe this. Yet, it was a small moment of happiness, Sam felt glad about.  "But..I must have been wrong, now." After all, he was barely 17(eight years younger than Sam), but he'd made her feel like a celebrity of sorts. Even if the whole ordeal happened in the backseat of her car. Yes, it might have been a little warped..and not exactly a Wes Anderson movie..but...

Oh, where was her mind? She didn't want to think about the baby. She couldn't.

The birth happened in her bathroom. She'd called 911 right away. She almost had it in the toilet. She cringed at the thought of drowning her own baby now.

Still..she didn't want to think of it as..HER BABY. It was just a thing. She might as well have had a reptile from a cracked egg. It squirmed.

Yes, the horror frightened her. She couldn't eat. She couldn't sleep.

"I'm thinking of seeing my Mom." Sam said very slowly.

"Well, can't she come here?" Mae winced, who was sort of consoling her with a half hug. Still, it was not enough to take this craziness away.

Sam shook her head, no. She thought she was in New York City, but she wasn't really sure. She couldn't make herself make that call. She would just have to go to her.

"I..I..I just have to get away from here." Sam felt herself being very still, even if Mae told her she was shaking.

"But..but what about the baby?" Mae asked.

Sam couldn't answer. Her mind had already left this place. Didn't Mae know, that wasn't a real baby.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

The two of them are really frightening me right now. :/


Launna said...

Sam needs help immediately. ...