Thursday, March 2, 2017

You're My Best Friend

You're My Best Friend...

Mae thought her fingers were getting old, as she looked at her bare hands while she typed. Honestly, it was hard to focus lately, but  things weren't all bad.

Ben did the cooking these days, and they stayed home a lot and watched old movies.

Sometimes, they read to their little son Caden. Then he would read back to them. Usually, his own stories. Sometimes, he'd find the right words in the book.

Yes, they might be creating a genius.

Still her hands were on the computer too much and well, she was getting so old. Everything was getting old.

Her mobile awoke her with the Cookie Monster song (Thanks to Caden). But it wasn't a phone call, a video from Sam.

Mae stared at Sam who might have been laughing or was she crying?

"Its the baby!" Sam's words almost made Mae shake. Of course, there was no sight of the baby.

"Oh NO." Mae immediately frowned. Suddenly. emotions over took her. "What happened?"

"I dunno..what..what I'm suppose to do." Sam went on to say. "Its so awful."

"I'm sorry..I'm so sorry." Mae felt her voice go.

Sam covered her face for a moment.

"You're my best friend." Sam told her.

"I am?" This was news to Mae. They were not close. They had never ever gone to lunch together. They might have had coffee during breaktime, but that was hardly what Mae would think of  as a friendship.

"Can you the hospital?"

"Where's Sky?" Mae looked at her blankly.

"He's with the baby." She then said.

Mae wasn't sure if she should sigh with a relief or not.

"He's such a premie. So small and..I..I can't touch him, Mae. I just can't." She cried more.

Mae pressed her lips tight. She guessed she would go to her at the hospital.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a heartbreaking interaction. :(


Launna said...

I am glad the baby is okay even if it's a premie... I hope Mae goes over...