Wednesday, April 12, 2017

making the circle

making the circle

Taylor hated the thought of anyone being cut open. He snarled his nose when Omaha told him about it.

"It'll be just a little scar. The stitches will dissolve." Omaha might as well have watched them deliver a litter of pups. Of course, Minnie let him look.

"You, guys are crazy." Taylor met up with them at the clinic. They were going to take Minnie home that evening. It seemed the insurance she had from the Rez would take care of a good portion of it, of course, that meant a very short hospital stay too.

The baby was so dark and so much hair, even on her back. Minnie named her Wednesday, because that's when her contractions started.

She did look happy, and the baby girl already bonded to her. It didn't look like anyone could separate them, and no one did.

Omaha called her parents, but they didn't come to see the baby, which didn't bother Minnie, who told everyone she didn't need anything. There were Naddy's infant clothes that Minnie kept in a box under the bed.

"I was hoping I'd get a chance to use them." Of course, the clothes were little night shirts and pale sleepers.

Josh was already handling the baby like it was his own. He said he hadn't been there for the birth of Naddy... so it was a little new to him, but he really was happy that the baby and Minnie were OK.

"No way, could we have done a C-section at home." He reminded her.

Sheena wanted to take Naddy home with her and Omaha, but of course, Minnie wouldn't hear of it. She told them, they were in this together and would be from the beginning.

Of course, Naddy had missed Minnie. She gave Minnie a wet kiss. Minnie was already telling the toddler that Wednesday was her baby sister.

Omaha went to make mac and cheese. Minnie was asking for it. Taylor went to help. All this family stuff was making him want to call his own.

So he called his grandmother after they ate and told her all about Minnie and the baby. "It reminds me of something, but I don't know..exactly."

She mentioned the Danish word Hygge. Didn't he remember about having a warm and cozy home?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ooh yes Hygge - I love it!


Anonymous said...

How Wonderful this is!

ivy said...

Glad everybody is OK! Beautiful set!