Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oh, it's a holiday...

It had been a bumpy ride to get to their destination, but Henry was happy to see his mom and his dad too. Of course, it was dark when they got there. Still, it was refreshing to be in the beach air.

Henry and Josie walked the beach while his parents got some ME TIME with Ali, who was wide awake and showing everyone how she was managing to almost walk.

It was beautiful on the shore, even if they couldn't see much of it.

"Do you think she'll sleep tonight?" Henry wondered if they should sleep in shifts. His parents had a play pen, but he could tell Josie didn't trust it. Ali would probably sleep between them tonight.

On the plane Ali got fussy at first then while in the air she conked out into a dead sleep which worried him more than Josie.

"We'll be OK." Josie was being calm about it. He guessed he would have to be calm, too. He was so tired.

"You need to go to sleep." She was even lipped about it.

Honestly, they weren't that fond of the sand. A good shower would be nice.

Josie sighed with a smile as they walked back.

Henry wondered if his folks would think it weird if they showered together. There was only one bathroom.

But no one said it was a bad idea. They were watching Ali clap her hands and saying her favorite word "Uh-Oh."

Of course, when she saw him, her hands lifted up, wanting only "Da-da.."

He picked her up and smiled. Henry kissed the side of her face and Ali laughed. But he put her back in his Dad's lap.

He'd have to let them entertain her, a wee bit longer.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Henry and Ali have the greatest bond!


Anonymous said...

So cute!