Friday, April 14, 2017

Adventure is out there

Adventure is out there

"Don't tell me, you're going to move here?" Vada asked. She couldn't help but wonder after spending a few days with Alo in Denver.

"No, of course not." Alo promised. They held hands like she remembered. She missed him so much. Although, she guessed she was selfish. His dad did live here and his little brother was here, too. He sighed, as if maybe he was in limbo, though.

"I think, you have to stop worrying." She looked him in the eye.

"What?" He scowled just a bit as they walked on at the hiking trail at the park.

"You, do worry." She informed him. She was still a little dizzy at this Colorado altitude.

They'd gone on a little camping trip to be alone. Vada really didn't like staying at his father's fancy yet rustic home. She hated to think she was delusional, but she thought his spies might be everywhere.

Alo's parents were so different. A mother who was a sheep farmer in Scotland and this businessman who was chauffeured around like a king. Alo was nothing like either, but she could see his little brother was eating it up. He liked the rich side of life, as long as he had money to spend.

"You, can't take care of him, forever."  She was straight-lipped.

Alo only nodded as if she was right, but she could spot that worried look.

"They'll figure it out." She told him, He sighed only a little, as if she was completely right.


"You, have a life too." He was needed back at the University to help with foreign students to get the information they needed for their education and their rights in the states. His father might have had money, but it was Alo who was happy helping others.

His smile made her happy. He hugged her then as if this was all he needed to know.

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