Saturday, April 15, 2017

Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

Effy didn't know how she did it, but she got on as a library clerk at the library.

"I think it was your accent..that got you the job." Halie told her in the breakroom while Effy was going over forms and procedures at the circulation desk. There was a lot to learn about fines and lost items. Also a whole chapter on tornado drills and what to do if a shooter showed up.

Effy squinted then looked at Halie and said, "Huh?" Effy didn't think she had an accent. Yes, she'd spent some time in London, but she grew up in Tokyo, as well. And as much as many asked how she conversed with her boyfriend was usually English.

It was so overwhelming, but the director was nice to her. He liked the fact she had a library card and had visited the library quite often to study. Yes, she knew a few things about the place, already.

It was her first job.

Effy, felt a little dreamy about it. Although, there were some quirky people around. She would have to deal with people who needed someone to help them with life situations and of course, did she know of any funny movies? It was a wide spectrum and of course, there was Halie who she would spend a lot of afternoons with.

Effy had already seen the latest pictures of Halie's baby.

"Oh, he's not a baby, anymore." Halie assured her, but in Effy's eyes, he was clearly a baby that she couldn't even remember the name of.

While Halie was showing Effy once more, a video about her little son, Corina arrived in a stomp.

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I do like Effy quite a bit!