Sunday, April 16, 2017

Reality check

Reality Check

Corina wanted to be happy for Effy, but she didn't like it one bit that her old suite mate was the new library clerk.

Perhaps, it was the fact that she wanted that job, but not really.

A lot of things were on her mind these days. There was no time to study. It didn't look like this would be the summer she started her internship with a big business she hoped to get a fulltime job with.

She didn't want to admit it, but things had gone down hill since she'd met Joey.

Why was love like that?

Now she was bitter and cold and wished she could find a way to be happy about something, but she couldn't.

Corina looked at Effy. Why weren't they friends, anymore?

She knew for a fact that Effy had little dinner parties, all the time. Holly and her English boyfriend Dustin were always at them. Holly always talked about Effy's cooking. She was a one pot wonder. Some of their other friends were there, too. Effy even invited Howie who always brought that high school girl Gabby.

Corina felt left out, and now she would have to see Effy with the perfect life, here, practically every day.

"What's wrong?" Naturally, Effy looked like a little doe ready to be run over.

"How come.." Corina started to say something evil perhaps, but she stopped herself. "How come, I'm never invited one of ..your..your dinners."

Corina glared at Effy as if she knew what she was doing wrong.

"Oh." Effy gave her a thoughtful gaze. Corina only sighed thinking Effy didn't have a good answer for her. "Well, I never know what's a good night for you." Effy nodded, "But..but if...if you're free Friday night, please come."

Corina hugged herself, thinking what an awful night for a dinner, but she would make an exception, this time.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Corina has a good time!