Monday, April 17, 2017

So little we know

So little we Know

"Don't let her get to you," Holly said as she cradled the hot mug of tea. She looked Effy over. Seriously, the girl could gain some weight, thought Holly. "Corina's got her own problems, they aren't yours."

"But..but she broke up with..with that Joey. I hear he's mental." Effy's eyes lit when she spoke of Corina's ex that Effy saw everyday at the library.

"What are you gonna do, fix her up, somebody?" Holly shook her head. She had enough to worry about, wondering if she would be able to stay in this country by summer. Dusty was in the same boat. She tried not  to fuss about it. After all, they were staying low. No need to show up for a riot, and there had been a few on campus.

When the new president took office back in January, Holly and Dustin both found themselves in the crowd, accidentally. They weren't even sure it was a March. Back then, it had been about the LGBT, well..she still had classes to attend, papers to write. She'd been to a BLACK LIVES MATTER meeting but not all those other crisis she should be concerned about. Still, she'd wait it out, until they came for her. Maybe, nobody cared about her VISA, after all.

But Effy was worried about Corina.

"I..I could ask my brother, maybe he would know someone, she could date." Effy shrugged as she took another sip of her creamy hot chocolate.

"Huh?" Holly winced. "You'd trust Corina with your brother?" Holly told her that would be like opening a can of rotten worms.

"No, I don't mean those two getting together." Effy scrunched a frown. "Besides, Smed doesn't date."

Holly couldn't help but smile. She was sure Effy didn't know her brother was always at those keggers at the Fraternities.

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Smed sounds like a player.