Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Just another day

just another day

Dustin was working plenty of hours now, down at the garden center. He worked outside most days, but there was word once the seasonal job was over... they would like to have him in the store. As of yet, it was one business that hadn't fallen to bankruptcy.

Yes, Dustin lived with Holly in a little room at the boarding house. They hadn't ventured far. He wanted her to keep to her studies, even if she did say from time to time she needed a real job.

So she was working mornings at the Campus Coffee Shop. If she did see Macy, she never said and he never asked. Maybe Macy quit that job.

Actually, he'd forgotten about his ex.

He was busy with plants and other obstacles that came with his major and of course, work. He was always ready to get dirty and sweat. Perhaps, he didn't look up enough, because if he had, he might have seen Macy coming.

"Its you." She just said while he was looking at her painted toenails in her cheap flip-flops.

He looked up at her blankly, since he was on the ground messing with potted plants.

She was soooo pregnant. He almost gasped, but jumped up and got in his customer service mode.

"May I help you?" He tried his best to rub the dirt off between his hands.

"Um." She was with someone who looked her younger self. "We need to figure out what to do for Mother's day."

"Oh." He nodded as he pointed out different flowers in pots. He walked on toward the apple and pear trees. "Maybe, she would like those." But he advised it was best to buy two.

Macy nodded. Finally she got around to introducing her brother's girlfriend Lizzy. The girls looked around at the big sale items, but ended up just getting some garden seeds, like lettuce and other greens.

"So, how have you been?" He hoped he could ask, as he rang her up at the cash register that was in a tent.

"Fine." She shrugged as if she might have an invisible baby bump.

Dusty couldn't help but to be a little hurt. He did want to be friends with her, but he could see it was best if they remained strangers. He didn't dare ask when the baby was due. Instead, he said it was nice to meet Lizzy, as they walked away.

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