Wednesday, April 19, 2017

somebody I used to know

Somebody I used to know

"You, were friends with him?" Lizzy squinted in the sunlight. It was so bright these days with only an inkling of a winter chill at one's ankles.

"Oh, he's Dustin. I..I knew England." Macy hadn't really all that much to talk about with her brother's girlfriend. Besides, Lizzy was always busy with Macy's brother. They were like an old married couple. She was sure it would be over before, either got to college. Naturally, Lizzy had it all figured out. Honestly, Macy found her a little bit snooty even if her brother Rico told her that Lizzy reminded him of Macy.

"Well, he's sweet." Lizzy shrugged.

"You, don't even know him." They'd came in Lizzy's little car. They went straight to Wendy's for something sweet.

"So, do you miss him?" She wanted to know.

"We would have made each other miserable." Macy told her a few minutes later after she got her Frosty.

Lizzy nodded.

"Have you always been miserable?" Lizzy looked at Macy.

Suddenly, the ice cream was tasteless. Honestly, Macy didn't want to think of the past that went way past meeting Dustin.

Perhaps it was an easy thing to do, finding the misery in everything, but Macy remembered she was thankful for making it this far. Maybe she knew exactly what she wanted now. It wasn't money, but the happiness of finding a real home..and she had that with Draco.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad that Macy is finally embracing happiness.