Monday, April 3, 2017

Only a sister would know

only a sister would know

"So now you're concerned about him?" Hannah slightly smirked as she looked her older brother over. It felt like ages since she had seen him. Lately, all she knew of him was from that friend of his, Geo.

"Not concerned." He shook his head, no. Ellis told her she was making more out of the situation with Geo, than what was actually happening. "Its only temporary." He insisted that Geo wouldn't be staying in her room forever.

As it was he'd shown up with a few boxes of her wardrobe that she left behind.

She only rolled her eyes and called for her boyfriend, who was down in his man-cave of a basement, to put these boxes, somewhere..possibly the basement.

"So what did you do with everything I had on my walls?" She hugged herself hard, giving her brother a glare. Something was bothering him. She tilted her head, waiting for an answer.

Naturally, Ellis was being his stilted sour self.

"I put it all in the basement." He was straight lipped about her stuff still at home.

"The basement?" She wasn't sure she liked the idea of all her memorabilia being susceptible to water damage, but it was nothing of great value. Actually, she'd forgotten about it, since being with Stu.  She sighed, and went to make tea.

"Are you sure... that's all it is, this little visit of Geo's?" She asked after she set out some cookies and hot tea.

"What?" He winced as if he didn't get what she was asking.

"I heard about the new guy, at the recording studio." Stu told her all about this Louis. Fortunately, Stu had worked with him before. He was surprised Louis didn't come sooner. Evidently, Callum couldn't do a thing without him.

Ellis only nodded as if he didn't really want to discuss it with her.

"Stu says he's a good guy, you can trust him." Hannah told her brother, but Ellis remained mute, as if no way did he want to trust Louis.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Ellis weren't so close-minded about people. :/