Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Its not just a job

It's not just a job

Gabby couldn't believe what she was hearing. She squinted, not sure to cry or scream. She did, neither. Honestly, she was in a state of shock. She wished she could just vanish.

The recording studio was letting her go.

"You're not exactly, um, what we need." This new guy had his own team, evidently and the three that were with him, all had their eyes on their phone. They didn't even need laptops.

"But..but Callum hired me." That had to count for something.

"You're services are no longer needed." That smirk of his made her want to put her fist in his stomach, but she stood in the space by his desk as if she would have to back out of his office. What was happening here?

Had Callum gone bankrupt? Was that what this was about? No, maybe a cruel April fools joke. Well, it was kind of late, and she didn't find anything funny about it.

Her stuff was in a box, waiting for her to carry it away.

"But, but I've done so much." Gabby thought of manning the phones, doing all those things Sam was suppose to do, but never got around too. Gabby always helped with the meet and greet. She not only ordered the food... she got it... she served it.

It was so hard to keep it together. She could hardly wait for summer, only fifteen minutes ago..now what was she going to do.

As soon as she got out of Callum's office she direct dialed Will. Finally, he answered on the fifth ring.

"Hullo." He didn't seemed to detect her anger nor her sorrow.

And when she tried to speak, it was only a crack of a sound, full of anguish. She clicked off. It was useless to talk to Will.

She direct dialed Howie. As soon as she told him what happened, he was there in a few minutes in his little white car.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Gabby gets her job back - she rocked it!