Wednesday, April 5, 2017

here we are

Here We Are

Howie watched Gabby punch in Callum's phone number. He'd driven her down to the park, where the ducks were on the pond. It really felt summer was almost here. Except, news about Gabby losing her job made him feel a storm was brewing.

Naturally, even from the driver's side of the car he could here that Callum's phone was not in service.

Gabby sobbed.

"Maybe..maybe that Louis guy kidnapped him." She blubbered. Before he knew she was crying on his shoulder. It was a tight fit, but he was closer to Gabby than he ever expected to be.

"Maybe..maybe it..we should get something to drink." He mentioned thinking she was confining him, a little too much.

"What? Like Vodka?" She perked up.

"NO..of course not." He winced wondering where she came from now. That did not sound like the Gabby he knew.

She'd been like a ray of sunshine, now she was clearly hurt.


She shrugged.

"Strawberry milkshake?"

She finally nodded, but she didn't let go, quite yet.

He really wanted to be there for Gabby. Still, he wasn't sure he would know exactly what she really wanted from him. He guessed it would have to be up to him, to be that good friend she needed, not something else.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think Gabby will confide in him with time.