Thursday, April 6, 2017

this tired life

Henry found a certain comfort in mending books. It was good to be alone for a few minutes.

Of course, a lot of things were happening these days. He'd been promoted, sort of. He would have a better paycheck, but it was quite demanding, manning the computer lab.

He'd taken all sorts of workshops and classes. He knew it would be worth it. He wanted to do better. He'd also managed to get certified in Ti Chi, so Wednesday afternoons at the library were his and bunch of senior citizens... who got together to slowly find their zen.

Henry yawned. He was certain he'd be asked to the lab at any moment, but his Android rang instead.

"Oh, we've got a surprise for you." His mother's sweet voice woke him up. His parents were still in Florida at the time share home.

"A surprise?" He didn't think he needed one of those.

"Yes, we've got tickets for you guys to come out here for the weekend." She told him.

"The weekend?" Henry winced. This did catch him off guard. He wasn't sure there were any clean clothes. He would definitely have to do the laundry when he got home. "Oh, Mom..." He didn't know if he had the energy for such a trip. It was as if his body was on autopilot. He knew what was expected of him here. He was on a schedule. Now she wanted them to fly out Friday afternoon.

"You, can do this." She promised.

Henry almost growled a sigh. She had no idea if Josie would be up for this. Yes, she had the weekend off, but she loved sleeping in on Saturdays, that was his ME TIME with Ali. He guessed they would have to make an exception.

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Oh, I'm excited for them!