Friday, April 28, 2017

The dinner party

the dinner party

Yuki, really hadn't thought much about where they were going. All that mattered, he wouldn't be stuck in his tiny dorm room, focused on a text book.

True, his grades were good, but he'd been in the NO FUN ZONE for an awful long time now.

Yes, his heart might still belong to his first love, but the distance of the University and studies had settled in like a long winter's night. It was spring wasn't it? Couldn't he do what normal people did now?

By May he would be showing off his medical skills at the local emergency room. He was almost there in the real world. At the moment, it was nice to go out and try something new.

Although, it didn't take Yuki long to know this was not exactly new. When he saw Effy's face, he acted as if he didn't know why she was so surprised.

It was easy to see she'd forgotten about him.

Oh, he'd heard that story of her's going around, how he was the one who was the stalker.

Yet, it was too late to talk about it now.

Effy was with that medical student Jamie and well, he was with Corina.

Naturally, he'd heard on the way over about Corina's best friend. Wouldn't Corina know of him by now, or did Effy leave that out, too?

He winced, trying to manage a relaxed appearance.

There were others. All that handshaking. Of course, he didn't like it at all. Germs.

But, he sat next to Effy in the floor. Not even a real table to eat on. Such an urban casual gathering.

And Corina acted as if they'd known each other for a very long time. He was certain he would be done with her, by now. All that giddiness was enough to last a life time, after thirty minutes.

After all, it was pulled pork on a bun with lots of chips and dips and a carrot or two, just to suffice a few hunger pains.

Afterwards, Effy went to pull out the board games. No way was Yuki going to sit through a few more hours of this.

He took Corina's hand.

"Let's go." He looked at her, as if they had leave.

"Huh?" She looked at him as if this was totally unexpected.

"I forgot...I..I have something I need to do." Suddenly, it was if he was suffocating. Somehow, Yuki always thought he'd meant more to Effy. He guessed not.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm sorry to see Corina get in the middle of this. :/