Saturday, April 29, 2017

Into the night

into the night

Corina knew she might be an awful person. But it was in those few minutes before they got to Effy and Jamie's that she put two and two together.

Oh, she didn't want it to be true. But then again, maybe she wanted Effy to hate her. She didn't know.

Yes, Corina was a little bit lost. Maybe, her own worst enemy.


1. She hadn't gone out to any late night party and had a one night stand.
2. She was still working.
3. She was still at the University plodding along..hoping for a degree in something..some day.


Was she really focused? Had she been on autopilot?

She was even too scared to apologize to Yuki, bringing him to see his ex.. with a new guy.

"It wasn't really a party, you know?" Still, she hoped he wasn't expecting a party. Not from her.

It was easy to see, they would go their separate ways. Except, he was still holding her hand, as they walked into the dark, toward campus.

She nursed her bottom lip, wondering how much worse it would get.

But he started to talk about how he didn't think he was in love with the first place.

"It was only high school. Everything seemed more dramatic, than it really was," Yuki said with a straight lip. "I felt she was suffocating me."

Corina nodded, thinking of her own past with Joey. Had it been that way? Was she just an annoying fangirl..that no one could really stand?

"Its different now." He looked at her as if maybe he'd grown as a person. Of course, Corina couldn't come to that conclusion, about herself. She only nodded.

"I like you." He finally confessed. And then, her Android came on like a warning. It was Joey.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope they find a way to be together.