Sunday, April 30, 2017

the lonely hearts club

The Lonely Hearts Club

Joey thought Corina would pick up on the first ring. He didn't know why he was so sure of himself. But he needed a human voice to listen to him.

Instead, he got ... "Hi, its Corina. Sorry, I missed your call. Just leave a message."

Well, he would talk to her, anyway.

"Hey?" He started. "Its me." But what if she didn't know who ME was? "It's..It's Joey. How-" He almost made a remark that Joey from FRIENDS always said HOW YOU DOING? He stopped himself. "I..I need to"

He bit his thumbnail, thinking she would think, this was so lame. How could he ask her to listen to him now? Yet, he hurried to deliver the message before he got cut off.  "See..uh..I..I met this girl..who..who I used to go out with..and..and the crazy" more time to talk about Becca.

Joey set on his bed, doing his best to keep the voices at bay. He was really scared. What had he done? So long ago?

If only he had Becca's phone number. If only she could tell him everything...

Because, what he thought had happen was totally different than her version. And her's had to be right? Why was his so warped?

He chewed at the thumbnail more.

Joey called Xander. At least he picked up. Naturally, Xander expected he needed a ride from a bar, that kind of thing.

"'m really fine." Joey told Xander he was home. He said Vada was still in Denver with Alo and her brother was off to the Grand Canyon with their other roommate. "Uh..well, I..I saw..Becca."

"Are you sure, it was her?" Xander sounded as if Joey was talking of another imaginary friend. After all, Xander never met her, and he didn't have a photo of her.

"Dakota was there. It was at the grocery store. Just ask her. Becca was with her baby." Joey told  him.

"What?" Now Xander sounded a bit peeved.

"God, of course, its not mine." Joey was certain. "Its just in my head, I..I thought she was..not a good person. You know, she might have been into drugs or s e x-trafficing, but its not like that. She said..she broke up with me..cause, I guess it was all me, you know. I was the one."

"What? Drugs and S E X Traficing?" Xander asked.

"I..I dunno." Joey's eyes lit. At least, he didn't think so. No one was coming for him, and he didn't have any tattoo that said he was owned by someone. "Look, I think..something BAD must have happened to me..when I was little."

"You, need to tell Patty this stuff, not me." Xander told him.

Joey let out a sigh. He hung up before the silence could linger between them.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm worried about Joey - he really needs someone rn.