Friday, April 21, 2017

What we know

what we know

Dakota went to get her little photo album. There was her favorite picture of her Dad. Of course, she could only imagine the scene. He was holding her when she was a baby.

"Um, he looks so..young." Sunny cleared his throat.

"That was a long time ago, when I was a baby." She reminded him.

"You're not that old." Sunny told her.

Time to Dakota was crawling by. She'd spent a life time of what seemed to be waiting. Then when her dad did show up, it didn't feel like the time was well spent.

Sure, he walked her to school for a while. Walked her home. Even went trick or treating with her. Still, she was waiting for something.

Perhaps, it was a selfish thing...wanting him all to herself. But parents had to work. She knew this, listening to her grandmother, over the years. Of course, she knew her grandmother didn't like her dad, all the time. Maybe she shouldn't either. But she couldn't. She loved him.

"One of his old girlfriends, said something was wrong with him." Dakota nodded, thinking over  Corina's words..Dakota wondered if something was wrong with Corina. If you love someone..Dakota thought you were only suppose to say nice things about them.

"Huh." Sunny gave her a nod, but he kept staring at the photos in the album.

"Do we ever really know someone?" She knew what she'd seen. Yes, her dad could sleep just about anywhere, and he liked to eat when he watched TV. He definitely didn't like the rules.

"Um, You probably know your dad a lot more, than you think." He messed with her hair on the top of her head. "But at the moment, you might be thinking too much. You should just do something you want to do for a change. Like soccer or make something. Maybe, you could take care of a pet."

Dakota looked up at Sunny. Moving forward was the key, she knew.

"You wanna see me read?" She asked.

"Sure." Sunny smiled.