Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alma and Dora

Alama & Dora

Alma couldn't believe Geo would bail like this, but he was a no show when Dora arrived.

Of course, Dora didn't ask about him and Alma had cleaned up the apartment to her satisfaction, so at least the first night would go OK.

Naturally, everything was a bout Dora and the places she'd traveled.

"What about the elephants?" Alma asked. Hadn't Dora gone to save them during a working vacation?

"What elephants?" Dora looked at her as if Alma was making stuff up. "I've been out in L.A., you know."

"Oh," Alma couldn't think of her wanting to be here in the middle of the country. Alma didn't even know if she was working.

"Yes, I'm only here to scout for new artists." Dora was her positive self, as if she had more important things to do than save elephants.

"I see." But Alma didn't. Not really. What kind of artists was Dora talking about? Alma wouldn't dare ask. As it was, Alma felt as if she was suppose to know, already.

There was wine to get, too. Alma hoped Dora didn't mind drinking the cheap stuff, because Alma didn't drink, anyway. Actually, it was all expensive to her.

Was there anything left to talk about? Alma could see it was going to be a long night and even longer days, ahead of them.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Alma would stop overthinking everything!